THG Capital Savings is a Fixed Rate Savings product provider, that provides clients high interest returns in over 120 countries. As part of the multi–Award Winning ‘The Hinton Group’ THG Capital has an enviable reputation in the industry and has always delivered unwavering results for its clients for over 20 years.

It gains its results using the risk-mitigating process of Gold Streaming and this can be seen looking at our YouTube Channel – please visit YouTube and search THG Capital and see our short documentary and video shorts. It acts as a transparent, secure and well-structured savings products and we are proud of our 100% track record delivering the promised returns and an excellent service.

The risk is mitigated by the purchase and sales price being agreed prior to each transaction. The sale of the end product minus the cost of purchase, the insurance, the shipping and the refining gives the growth.

There are no charges levied against the customers savings; the profit for the Bond Managers comes directly from the gains made during the gold-streaming process and are only taken once the fixed interest returns have been attained for the savers.

All maturities and regular income payments are paid gross; it is therefore the responsibility of the customer to disclose the gains made.

THG Capital and its parent company The Hinton Group are UK based. The Investment Operator of the Bond, Bullion Bridge, is also a UK based company.

THG Capital employs the services of UK FCA Registered City Partnership (UK) Limited to obtain and manage customers money and additionally act as a Trustee for the Bond. This gives peace of mind that customers money is managed within strict guidelines.

You may take out the savings product wherever you may live (not available to UK residents) and once you have it open, you may move anywhere in the world without issue.

The application process is purposely very simple and our trained staff can assist you with this either over the phone or via email.

Yes, apart from the fixed rate/fixed term option, THG Capital also offers a quarterly income version enabling customers to receive regular income payments.

That’s fine, your financial adviser may or may not have terms of business with THG Capital. If they do, they can help you apply; if they don’t, they will not be able to assist you and will probably recommend you don’t go ahead!

Upon maturity you have 4 options:

  • Take the full amount payable
  • Rollover the maturity into the next Bond
  • Take the interest and rollover the capital into next bond
  • Rollover maturity and add further monies